Coaching Institute Management Software        

Software helps manage Student, Teacher, Courses, Batches, Fees, Attendance, and Marks. Software provides easy reports like outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance etc. This is a MUST HAVE software for all coaching institutes. For quite some time we have been asked by several institutes to develop software that is focused on coaching institute requirements.

CIMS is developed after collecting requirements from several institutes in different fields. The product is very easy to use and considers that most operators are not technology savvy people or typical geeks.

The software guarantees saving of money and time for owners apart from organizing the institute information. You can streamline the coaching institute business. Over 40 reports available at a click of a button to take care of your business. New reports added for ID card and Student Details for counseling parents detailing payment, Attendance, Marks etc.

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    Institute Management Software
    (Desktop, LAN, AMC)

  • 35,400
    Desktop Coaching Institute Management License

  • 59,000
    LAN Coaching Institute Management License

  • 12,000
    "Upgrade for Coaching Institute Management Software" for customers who already have older version of this software.

    • Make course Active / Inactive
      Make batch Active / Inactive
      Batch Start date / End date
      Inventory Management
             New inventory reports
      Enquiry Allocation to Users
      Enquiry Number In enquiry form / Search Criteria
      Student details with photo
      Test report with student photo

    • Define multiple installment plans for a student
      Define batches with multiple course/subject
      Course wise/subject wise discount report
      Auto SMS for Attendance
      Auto SMS for test result.

    • Import Test Result from Excel Sheet
      2-sided Student I-Card (front side & back side)
      Export student data to excel
             User can now select the fields to export
      Configure Service tax registration No. and CIN No. for institute
             Shows on payment receipts
      Editable professional tax while paying staff salary
      Pay Staff Salary
             Added new fields Bonus, Extra deductions, Remark
      Pay Staff Salary
             Shows staff attendance count for the month
             Helps to calculate deduction for absenteeism.
      Display attendance count on staff attendance report.
      Delete staff payment
      Delete staff details (in bulk)
      Library details
             Import library book details.

    • Staff Document
      Issue items to Staff
      Other Fees discount
      Multi-subject test
      Add student in multiple batches of same subject
      Support for new I-card formats
      Modify monthly payment
      Monthly payment report (paid/unpaid in a given month)
      Remark in Other Fees
      Other Fees report
      Payment Report with payment mode details and sum

    • Attendance from ESSL Face Detection Machine
      Library Module
      Remarks in student enquiry and registration forms
      Remarks in Staff Registration
      Utilities module for Basic Inventory management, Expense management and Import Students
      Due payment reminder popup in reports
      Birthday reminder popup in reports
      Document management
      Detailed I-Card

    • Document management
      Detailed I-Card
      Remarks in student enquiry and registration forms
      Remarks in Staff Registration
      New reports for document management
      Due payment reminder popup in reports
      Birthday reminder popup in reports

    • Track enquiry source
      Define user roles
      Assign module-level permissions to users
      Configurable popup reminders
      Detail Staff salary receipt
      Edit staff salary
      Configurable date format

    • Monthly Subject Fees Setup
      Set Monthly Installments
      Set Quarterly Installments
      Set Installments as per a specified Interval Period
      Set Quarterly Installments
      Add Teaching / Non-teaching Staff
      Set Batch Time Table
      Set Batch Capacity
      Set Room No for a batch
      Set Staff Salary type (Fixed, Fixed + Comm., Hourly, Per Student, Course Fees, Based on students)
      Teaching Staff Attendance (Basic & Batch wise)
      Non-teaching Staff Attendance
      Pay Staff Salaries
      Batch Time Table Report
      Teaching Staff Time Table Report
      Room No wise Time Table Report
      Batchwise Top Rankers Report
      Monthly Attendance Sheet Name wise Report
      Monthly Attendance Sheet Roll no wise Report
      Quantity management in issue items

Coaching Institute Management Software
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