Question Paper / Test Generator

Question Paper/Test Paper Generator is a product from experts in software producers for education sector. The software allows you to create question bank for various programs, classes, chapters and store your data in an organized way. The test generator then allows you to create tests with the criteria that you want. You can create chapter, unit, objective, final and various other types of exams. The tests can be exported to word file with your institute’s header and footer. The output in word is optimized for printing to save on paper. This is a MUST have software for somebody who is spending time in creating tests for their students.

    Question Paper Generator
    (Desktop, LAN)

  • 45,000
    Desktop Question Paper / Test Generator for 1 PC

  • 75,000
    LAN Question Paper / Test Generator ( 1 Server + 2 LAN Clients )

  • 12,000
    Upgrade for Question Paper / Test Generator

    • Question type wise test with Sections
      Chapter wise test with sections
      Import multiple question type at a time
      Export options setting
      Include rough pages after test
      Select your questions test –preserve order option.
      Import simultaneous from multiple PCs in LAN

    • Approve Questions
      Import data from other Test Generator database
      Export data into entry database
      Question entry / search question at user level
      Question search date wise
      Flash Card support (learning concepts / highlights)
      Upload data to server for online test engine
      Export questions into Word in tabular format (for proof reading / importing)
      Support for tables in question entry (import, cut / paste)

    • Support for Topic within chapters
      Topic wise template generation
      Topic wise test generation
      Subject wise template generation
      Topic wise question import
      Time duration for each question
      Unicode support for questions (Can be typed in different languages)
      Unicode support for Board, Class, Subject, Chapter & topic (Cut & paste support)
      Many export options to help organize the test output better
      Chapter wise instructions to be included in exported test

    • Support for Question entry for different types of Questions: MCQ Single Correct, MCQ Multiple
              Correct, Multi-Step, True/False, Complete the Answer, Fill in the blanks, Numerical Grid based,
              Comprehension type, Match the pairs
      Support for subjective questions: Very short description, Short Description, Medium Description,
              Long Description
      Cut and paste from Word - support for text, equations, images, symbols
      Import questions from Word file
      Multi-language support (Unicode)
      Test creation: Unit Test (Total Marks, Total Qs)
      Test creation: Objective Test (Total Marks, Total Qs)
      Test creation: Final Test (Total Marks, Total Qs)
      Test creation: Q-Type Wise Test
      Test creation: Mark Wise
      Test creation: Select your own Qs
      Test creation: Ch Wise Qs
      Template creation
      Test creation from template
      Test creation including comprehension type Qs
      Exclude questions from previous tests
      Support for creating tests from multiple subjects
      Export questions into Word for proof reading
      Export question paper into Word with several options for optimized printing
      Connect to remote database
      Backup / Restore
      Automatic Backup Reminder
      User / role management

Test Generator Software - Desktop
System Requirement

  • Minimum PC configuration

    CPU: - Pentium 4 and above,
    RAM: - 1GB & above,
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768& above.
    Software required minimum 500MB Hard Disk Space for Installation.
    Hard Disk size should be increase if you purchase any database from us.

  • Operating Systems Supported

    Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 Bit Or 64 Bit)

  • Office Version Supported

    MS Office 2003, 2007,2010,2013,2016.

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