Online Test Generator

Question Paper/Test Paper Generator is a product from experts in software producers for education sector. The software allows you to create question bank for various programs, classes, chapters and store your data in an organized way. The test generator then allows you to create tests with the criteria that you want. You can create chapter, unit, objective, final and various other types of tests. The tests can be exported to word file with your institute's header and footer.The output in word is optimized for printing to save on paper.

You can also conduct online tests as the online test generator integrates with our online test engine software. This is a MUST have software for somebody who is spending time in creating tests for their students.

Key Benefits

 Easy creation of test
 Generating Answer keys
 Generating Detail answers
 Supported question types are
      Single Correct MCQ
       Multiple correct MCQ
       Subjective type questions-Short Description, Med Description, Long Description
       Comprehension type questions
       True or False
       Fill in the blanks
 Template creation –Generate different question papers based on same parameters
 Different difficulty level can be assigned to questions
 Different marks can be assigned to questions
 Unicode support-can handle multiple languages

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