Question Paper Generator To Create Test In Seconds.

Question Paper Generator To Create Test In Seconds.

Question Paper Generator To Create Test In Seconds.

Online question paper generator is the best solution that allows you to be free from DTP operators and teachers to perform exams or tests in your organization or institution. Usually, the upper authorities of an organization or institution depend heavily on typists and teachers when there is a need for creating question paper. It happens even when good questions have already been used in the question paper. Throughout this question pool, typists and teachers work for number of days for creating just one question paper. But test generators allows you, to create one question paper in just a few seconds and one mouse click.

You can then use the question paper generator to create tests based on your criteria. Chapter-wise tests, unit tests, objective tests, final tests and many other types of tests can be created. You can even create templates/patterns like board exam etc. Tests can be exported to word files using the institute’s logo, header and footer. Several export options are provided to help you format your paper the way you want. Word output is optimized for printing to save on paper. It is a must-have software for anyone who spends time creating tests for students.

What are the feature of Question Paper Generator?

Generate test as per your choice

You can create chapter-wise tests, unit tests, objective tests, final tests and various other types of test Add instruction and break your test into sections. You can easily exclude questions that appeared in the past exams.

Generate test with questions and symbol

Test generator plus provide a provision that you can create questions with equations, symbol, and diagram that is much needed in academics

Storage facility

Many predefined formats for different exams and different standards can be prepared and saved for future exams.

Online tests evaluate automatically

Create a test and publish it on the web. That's all! Prepare for online exams and evaluate them automatically and provide detailed test analysis which is not possible manually.

Determine if students can download the results and view or print the grades and scorecards as soon as they are completed. You can also change the test and republish the update.

Question paper Statistics report

Quickly and easily report how many students answered the right and wrong questions.

Build exams with ease

Copy the question from another test without retyping it. With just a few mouse clicks, you can copy one or several questions from another test to an open test. Create exams from multiple tests is easy!

Export to Word

All tests, including the answer sheet, can be exported to word for further customization if required.

Test generator automatically generates your alternate versions based on the settings you choose when creating your test.

Question paper generator software is very useful for teachers. In addition to the exam, you can generate questions from all subjects for the test. Teachers do not have to collect questions from various sources to complete a question paper for academics.

Consuming time in days to set a single question paper has become history now, as question paper generator creates a test in a minute just by few mouse clicks.




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