Revolution in the way exams are created today

Revolution in the way exams are created today

In last 10-15 years technology has made a lot of progress in education sector. Many schools and coaching classes that used to conduct MCQ type exams have now started using technology to conduct online exams. Partly due to not having alternate option because of Covid19 lockdown and partly because they realized they can get this done faster with lesser costs. Also, they can easily give personalized test-analysis to better help students on areas that they are weak in.

Typically, if you go back in time, subject teachers used to mark questions on books, guide or provide handwritten notes to Desktop Publishing (DTP) operators who used to type question papers. Then a print out of the question paper was given to teachers for proofreading and then again given back to operator for correction. This iteration used to happen a few times before it is finalized. Many schools, coaching classes, colleges and other academic institutions still follow this same time consuming process even today. Other difficult situation was teachers knew very little typing and were limited by little knowledge about mathematical equation entry or type setting. This increased dependency on DTP operators.

Today, technology allows teachers to create quizzes, tests, assignment, term exams, and paper templates with a click. With the available question bank one can create several question papers with just a click.  Moreover, literally each student can be given separate set with either same questions or different questions very easily once the template is defined. Teachers can selectively change questions in tests if the portion is not covered. Setting of sections, question types, marks, difficulty level can be easily managed by teacher. Tests can be easily exported to Word and then to pdf. They can provide model answers to students very easily again by a single click. These tests can be easily sent to students via WhatsApp or other means giúp vi?c trông tr?.

The software saves a lot of time and stress for supervisors, exam in-charge, and principal. This provides a huge flexibility in the way question papers are created and saves a lot of money for institutions.

Techior’s Test Generator++ comes with all the flexible criteria and creates print ready papers in seconds saving in time and money. Huge question bank of 2 Lakh questions gets you started immediately with the software.

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