Learning management system software for schools and institute

Learning management system software for schools and institute

Learning management system software for schools and institute

System administrators at schools and colleges and even teachers must decide whether a school should invest in a Learning Management System (LMS). Many people know very little about the field, their technical abilities vary widely and most cannot tell the LMS salesperson what they want.

Let us understand how an LMS can help.

What is meant by learning management system (LMS)?

Learning Management system (LMS) automates many processes related to learning. It is a management system that can provide learning content, resources, and activities, as well as handle related administrative tasks.

Why schools and colleges need to use Learning management system (LMS)?

The 'new' educational environment need 'new' version teaching and learning that allows teachers to perform test analysis and goal output analysis, plan appropriate teaching syllabus, and allow students to learn at their own pace, communicate with them, and plan their study to help them achieve their goal  - A learning methodology is required in order to achieve pre-defined goals.

However, leveraging the use of technology to make the digital shift & attain the best outcomes is not an easy process. During this transition, most of the schools, institutes, educators find it difficult to structure the following crucial classroom teaching-learning practices:

  • Create an effective syllabus
  • Create and conduct online tests and assessments
  • Keep systematic records of student activity
  • Grading and tracking student progress
  • Deliver high-quality, relevant e-content

LearnMagica - Techior’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive online platform built to provide the best online teaching and learning experience by engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes. This allows faculty to maintain a structured record of classroom activities and create syllabus, instructional plans, and online assessments that are oriented toward learning goals to enhance student skills and create a learning-focused environment. Additionally, virtual classroom integration allows students and teachers to stay on the same page and collaborate hassle-free at any given time.

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Features of LearnMagica –Learning management system (LMS)

Android app 

Simple, intuitive and easy to navigate, the platform has mobile-based applications that students can easily operate on their mobile devices at any time.

Live Class

LearnMagica allows you to conduct live online classes. By integrating Zoom, Blue Jeans (airtel) and WizIQ, you can integrate these providers into the platform for online classes. Students also have the facility to see the recorded videos of the classes which they may have missed.

Online proctor Examination

Enhanced with state-of-the-art supervisory technology, LearnMagica uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to allow faculty to conduct safe and secure online exams and mock exams to prepare students for their final exams in advance. Teachers can monitor the students who are taking an online test – thereby adding sanity to the whole online assessment process.

Teacher evaluation & Annotations

LearnMagica supports answering theory (subjective) type questions – students can either type their answers or write their answers on paper, take a picture and upload them. Teachers can easily evaluate theory type questions and write their comments. In fact, teachers can annotate on students uploaded photos of their answers. Students can then see teacher's comments.

Test analysis

Students can view in-depth exam analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The report provides a complete breakdown of topic/chapter/difficulty/question duration.

SMS/Email communication

LearnMagica facilitates communication with students using bulk SMS or email. Educational institutions may communicate with students for marketing messages, announcing test scores or other messages.

Question bank

Question banks are stored in a hierarchical fashion of boards, classes, subject, chapters and topics. You can create your own question pool by manually adding questions. It also provides the ability to easily import questions in bulk from Word documents.

Study Material

Teachers can share study material with students in the form of text, documents, audio or videos. This helps the students to go through the material provided at their own pace to get their concepts cleared.

Ask a Doubt

LearnMagica provides a facility for students to ask a doubt online – students can explain their doubt in words or by recording an audio or video clip. Teachers get a notification and they can reply to the student’s doubt at their own convenience. This provides a channel for one on one student-teacher interaction.

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FAQs On learning management system (LMS)

What does LMS mean?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. The Learning Management System is a digital learning environment that manages all aspects of an institution’s diverse educational efforts. It also manages user information for personalized delivery, including user profiles, job duties and preferences.

What is the best LMS platform?

LearnMagica – an Learning Management System (LMS) from Techior is a comprehensive online platform built to provide the best online teaching and learning experience by engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes.

What is the main function of LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online system or software used to plan, execute, and evaluate specific learning processes. Simply put, it is software used in eLearning programs to help manage, document, track and record.

What are the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS)?

The following list reflects the best benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Stakeholders.

  • Facilitate online live classroom
  • Unlimited access to a variety of learning materials
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress through in-depth analytics
  • Cost-effective solutions for high productivity
  • Online Student Attendance and MIS Reports

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