Enabling transition from paper diaries to digital diary

Enabling transition from paper diaries to digital diary

Just a decade back, I remember going to the school at the start of every academic session to get uniforms and books pack for my kids. The School Diary was an integral part of the books pack.

Each day after getting back from work, checking the kids’ school diary was a chore – to check the homework that is to be completed, keeping track of when the homework is to be submitted, checking the diary for any activities that are planned at school – for which they may need to take some items from home, or prepare some materials/projects/write-ups at home. Being a working professional, I often found myself scrambling for time to catch up with the diary late at night and staying up late to help kids with assignments and homework.

Times have changed since then. Technology has penetrated into our everyday lives. Today most parents have a smart phone, which has replaced a lot of our older gadgets. The early versions of smart phones were used not just for telephonic communication, but they also replaced our traditional alarm clocks, calculators, flash lights, radios, cameras and many more small gadgets. As the phones became smarter and more secure, we started using them for digital payments like Paytm, Google Pay and UPI options. The current generation does not carry any cash in their wallets as they can use their smart phones to buy anything from petrol to snacks at street vendors.  

Since the pandemic, schools have changed the way they operate. They have no option but to go digital – not just for accepting fees, but also for conducting classes and all other day-to-day administrative tasks. Using a digital diary is one of the features that many schools have adapted and parents, staff and kids are loving it. SchoolMagica app allows parents to check the diary digitally on their phones, which helps them stay up-to-date with the events at school. Teachers can send homework and notices about any activities planned at school. Parents immediately get a notification about the diary entry. They can check the details on the app whenever they find free time in between work. This helps them stay updated – so they don’t miss any notice from school or any submissions to be done. Also, they can access notices and communications from previous academic sessions with easy search options in repository.

Let us use technology to make our lives easier. I urge schools to take advantage of our free offering – get the SchoolMagica software installed for free for the academic session 2021-2022 and download the schoolmagica app from PlayStore and use it for digital diary, digital fees payment, online classes, and a lot more

Reach us at info@schoolmagica.com or call us at 9766616435 for *FREE* installation for your school.

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