Aspose.Words helping export academic content to Word and PDF easily

Aspose.Words helping export academic content to Word and PDF easily


Techior Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indian software development company specialized in education sector software. We have software for schools, coaching classes and colleges. We have excellent Learning Management System(LMS) that many schools and coaching classes used for teaching students online and also online assessment. There are many competitive exams that are online and hence education institutes needed an online platform to provide practice to students. During pandemic the online learning and assessment worked very well for schools and coaching centers. As they could conduct classes remotely and assess their students online on various topics.



After pandemic though things have changed drastically. Many parents are asking schools not to conduct exams online. This warranted that the schools and coaching centers use their own question bank that was created during lock down to be available in offline option. The web Java technology supports various multilingual content with images and mathematic formulas. The huge academic content with over 200,000+ question bank that was created in last few years is available online but the challenge was to get that offline in most popular Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Post pandemic education institutes want the quizzes, exams, tests, and assignment to be created online with their own criteria and to be able to download in print ready formats so they can print and photocopy for their students.



We explored various tools like Doc4JX, iText7 and Aspose.Words and found that Aspose.Words meet our requirements. We are able to provide custom header footer, margins, display images, Mathtype and office type math equations easily. Embed images in Word document easily so it can be used in offline mode without net connectivity. Also, it supports regional languages like Hindi using Mangal font. We found that the content that was created for online consumption now can be easily exported to Word or PDF format that can be downloaded by institutes easily with a click of a button. The time it takes to export 200 questions is just a few seconds making it really fast as compared to other vendors.

We would really like to thank Aspose for this wonderful product Aspose.Words. We recommend this product available at for other institutes.



CODE SNIPPET used in the software to convert HTML to Microsoft Word


ASPOSE.WORDS is a very powerful library that helps create Word and PDF documents from our HTML academic content.  

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