Automatic Attendance System To Increase Teaching Time .

Automatic Attendance System To Increase Teaching Time .

Automatic Attendance System To Increase Teaching Time.

How important is attendance? Attendance is important because students are more likely to succeed in school as they continue to attend school. So is Attendance is unavoidable part of your class or lecture!

So attendance is really very important for many reasons. But attendance consumes a lot of class time, you can save important class time with the automated attendance system, which is an automated solution that not only displays attendance, but also finds meaningful patterns for monitoring student performance on key indicators. Also, communicate with parents regarding ward’s attendance.

How automatic attendance system help to increase teaching time ?

Improved speed and accuracy 

Attendance is automated so you can be sure your data is accurate and error free. When attendance is displayed, the captured data is stored in the student attendance management system so that authorized persons can view attendance details. This feature is especially useful for finding specific students or analyzing absenteeism trends.

Security and tracking

Security and tracking are key features of an automate attendance system

It also automatically triggers SMS, email, or app notifications to parents or guardians to let them know about their wards attendance.

It is protected by multiple layers of security with strong encryption along with data stored in ERP, making him immune to data security breaches and potential threats.

Attendance data captured by biometric or RFID device is stored in the attendance management system to provide role-based access, so there is no data manipulation at all.

Higher ROI

Schools, universities or colleges can save up to thousands of rupees per month by automating student attendance. If a teacher has 6 lectures per day and it takes 10 minutes to take attendance for each class, it takes almost 60 minutes to show attendance. If there are 40 teachers in the institution, 40hours are needed each day to indicate daily attendance. If average cost of teacher’s is 500 Rs. School loses 20,000 Rs. per day for attendance. 

Saving in resources
No paperwork, no manual attendance, and no time wasting, reducing hassle and allowing teachers who are already burdened to focus more on education.

Attendance automation requires little teacher effort, which reduces the amount of work done by the teacher. For biometric or RFID attendance, students simply punch in or flash the ID card in front of the device. Attendance marked with the app takes 60 seconds from the teacher


You can use the attendance data dashboard to determine attendance trends for institutions, specific classes, specific subjects, or specific students. Consider tracking student attendance for a month. By looking at the graph, you can immediately see if attendance is increasing, decreasing or almost leaking.

The ability to analyze student performance using attendance data is probably the most important reason why an attendance monitoring system is needed. The dashboard instantly provides accurate graphical data about everything.

Based on the results of the analysis, you can make timely decisions and determine whether corrective actions are effective. This allows you to continuously monitor student performance and improve student performance.

Also, if you need to write this report manually, you will need almost 80 hours, including teaching classes and subjects with hundreds of students and teachers. For the student attendance management system, several reports can be generated in few minutes, depending on user-specific fields.





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