How to bridge the gap between teachers and parents ?
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How to bridge the gap between teachers and parents ?

How to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and students?

Do you know according to the ongoing research parental involvement in school improves student progress, increases the regularity of student and parent’s trust in student education. The student’s test score increases, the student gets higher grades and the student develops better skills. But how you can achieve this? We understand the need and importance of parental involvement in school and hence we introduce our new feature – the parent app.

What is the parent app and how it works?

School Magica parent app is an Android application specially designed to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and students. Nowadays most of the parents are busy with their work. So they are not able to come to school regularly and get in touch with class teachers or other school authorities. Every time it is not possible for parents to take leave from work. So they are not able to get important updates and progress of their child. The school Magica parent app is a great solution to these issues.

With the parent app, parents can regularly be in touch with class teachers and other school authorities. Parents can know about ongoing and upcoming activity in school, their ward’s performance, achievements, parents can also get notified by the school on their ward absenteeism.

Parents can check the fees payment summary the amount that has been paid, the amount that is outstanding and also makes online payments from the app itself through integrated payment gateways.

This app provides messenger Feedback feature using which parents can connect with class teachers and school authorities. Parents can easily raise their concerns with the school authorities regarding any issue and get a solution even if they are busy with their routine without taking time off from their workplace.

Ongoing communication between parents, teachers, and school authorities effectively improves student performance. Parents can know about the weak and strong areas of their children and act accordingly.

Parent app reduces the worry of parents regarding child security and builds parents' trust in the school. It reduces the need to visit the school, which most of the parents can’t afford due to the lack of time. Parents can access the app from anywhere anytime and know about anything regarding school activity, such as homework, exam time table, attendance, parent-teacher meet, holidays, culture programs, etc.

The key feature of School Magica parents app:

We strongly believe that parents should always be aware of what is happening in school. So we have developed a parent’s app to empower parents about their child's academic and extracurricular activities. Some of the feature for parent app-

Student details –

A parent can see their child as well as school details like Admission number, class, section, school contact no, School Address and can contact school easily.

Attendance Details –

A parent can see their ward’s attendance details, attendance History and Holiday summary in the parent app.

Test Result Details –

A parent can see Test dates, Test marks, Test results in detail and can easily track the progress of their ward.   

Messages Notification –

When the teachers take attendance, parents get a notification on the app and can immediately know that their child has reached the school. In addition, other reminders like Fees Outstanding, Test Performance, Exam result, etc. can also be seen in the parent app.

Ensure ward safety with Bus Tracking –

Parents can be relaxed about their child’s security by live tracking the school bus in which their child is traveling. Parents can be ready to pick up their ward from the stops on time by tracking the location of the bus.

View School Diary

Parents can see all the homework details assigned to their children in the parent app. The submission dates for various projects and assignments are shown in the school diary. Parents can also help their children with homework and learning by accessing helpful learning materials shared by teachers, such as documents, photos or videos, and web links.

A parent can also see Notices, Activities, parent-teacher Meeting Planning Details and get prior intimation with the help of Parent app.

Online Fees Payment

Parents need not go to the bank or to school premises to pay the fees. A parent can pay their ward’s Fees online from anywhere and anytime with parent app by Payment Gateway Integration. A parent can also see the Payment details, Payment History, Online Transaction History in the app.

Communication between parents and teachers

To make the Parent-teacher Communication easier, Feedback Feature is provided in the Parent app. Parents can send Feedback or Message to a teacher or School Authorities and get responses to their queries

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