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Online content delivery allows you to provide content to your students through internet. The online assessment helps you conduct tests across globe. You can create tests that students can take through internet from anywhere in the world. You can create the tests that students can take or you can present separate tests to each students. Students can register online, give tests, check results and also check the answers. Students can see the progress over time. With test center manager you can manage multiple centers and have consolidated view across all centers.


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Merit Students Android Application

Meritstudents android app is also available. By using android app students can take test anytime anywhere & see test analysis just after test submission.

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  • We have question bank available for
        CBSE VI-X
       CAT entrance
        MH State class X

    • listiocnAdmin Panel
             Test allocation on the basis of Packages
             Online test generation
             Test analysis
             Test History for previous test
             Inventory (Books & CD’s)
                 Online Payment
                 Vouchers Payment
                 Manual payment
             Template for SMS & Email
             Plan Calendar
             Notice Board for Student
             Forum for discussion
             Message board for Student correspondence

      listiocnStudent Panel
             Online Test
             Anytime Online test rendering by student (predefined test by teachers)
             Highlights -audio/visual concept revision
             Chapterwise test
             Full test
             Resume test
             Test analysis
             Forum for discussion
             Message board for admin correspondence
             Study Plan calendar

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